The Anointed Group was born in 2013. Irene Kwihangana, the founder and director, was volunteering at Remera Catholic Primary School, where he identified a problem of students who abandon their studies due to financial limitations.


The mission of Anointed group is to support, motivate, and inspire vulnerable children to get an education both to support themselves and their communities in the future.


To ensure and support the idea that Rwanda will have a high number of educated people in the future; with youths being the majority in the population of Rwanda, they should be equipped mentally so that they might play a role in the development of Rwanda.

Our Programs
  • Child Support

    We provide school fees and scholastic materials to kids with limited financial means. We also keep in touch with their families to make sure they have a suitable growing environment that allows them to study.

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    community service

    We work with a large team of volunteers that provide English lessons to pupils of the primary school  we work with.

    Those English classes aim to boost the kids ability to express themselves, research and read. This year, we adopted debating as a strategy to fill those gaps at once.

Get Involved

Becoming a volunteer will bring you in contact with a large team of volunteers and work on different project organised through the year. Everyone works on a project he/she feels able to complete in a timely way and friendly environment.

Becoming a member will bring you to working closely with them core team. You will think and take part in future decisions of the organisation. You will also contribute as much as you can financially and physically by dedicating some of your time to the organisation.

AnointedRwanda runs with the support and input of many kind people across the globe. Though they might not always be on ground every time, they help us immensely. You can also contribute to our work by supporting us financially or with ideas. you are most welcome to join the quest to support education.